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ARTS is an academic journal of the Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies. Article submissions are double blind reviewed by experts in the field.

ARTS welcomes articles on any topic related to the interrelationships among theology, religious studies, spirituality, and the arts. Because our readership is comprised of academics, clergy, and artists, we actively seek articles that treat intersections among these fields.

ARTS is ecumenical and inter-religious. We focus on the visual arts, but are open to article submissions in all artistic media.

In every issue, we publish about theology and the arts:

  • “in the study” (articles that are more academic in nature);
  • “in the sanctuary” (articles that are more practical in nature, and that typically pertain to the employment of the arts in the church, synagogue, mosque, or temple);
  • “in the studio” (articles that are more reflective in nature, most often submitted by artists about the spiritual dimension of their own work); and
  • "in the classroom” (articles that are pedagogical in nature, offering insight about how to teach the interdisciplinary nature of these fields).

These guidelines should inform submission of your article.

Standard References

The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition

Text Format

  • Length: 3,500 to 5,000 words (8-10 page manuscripts are ideal)*
  • Margins: 1-inch all around
  • Line spacing: double
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 12 point
  • Formatting: apply sparingly; use italics rather than underlining
  • Notes: embedded so that they automatically renumber; please use endnote style
  • Headings: up to 3 levels**

* Longer manuscripts are sometimes considered.
** Please make sure that levels are easily discernible.

Submit your manuscript in one Microsoft Word document that includes the following elements:

  1. Title Page, including:
    1. Author name as it should appear in the printed article
    2. Author biography that will appear with the article
  2. Body of the Paper, eliminating any reference to the author
  3. Notes
  4. Captions

Text Style

  • Text Style: US English;
  • Document Language setting: “English (US)”
  • Italics (not quotation marks) for words used as terms;
  • Include translations of non-Enlish words that are not in common use in English (e.g., for “Kunst,” but not for “sui generis”);
  • Spell out all books of the Bible unless there are many biblical citations; identify translation used (NRSV is preferable)

Citation Style

Turabian style;
Provide complete academic citations; “ibid.” where appropriate;
Use traditional (not postal) state abbreviations;
Include page numbers, especially for quotations;
URLs can be acceptable as elements of citations but not as citations themselves.


Resolution: 300 dpi for 4-color and grayscale
1200 dpi for line art
Size: Minimum 3″ for the short dimension
Color: CMYK (not RGB)
File Types: .jpg preferred

Please do not place any graphics in your manuscript. Make reference in the text to every work of art that will appear. Use figure numbering if necessary. (Figure numbering is often not necessary.) Send a high-quality image file with your manuscript.

Note: Permission to reproduce works of art must be obtained from the copyright holder—usually the artist, a gallery or other institution, a private collector, or a stock art agency—and appropriate documentation must be provided. Please discuss permissions with the editor upon acceptance of your proposal. Authors are responsible for acquisition of copyrights, including copyright fees. Submit permission documentation separately. ARTS will need to keep copyright permission documentation on file. Please also send the caption(s) as a separate file. Include:

Title of Work (Year)
Media, dimensions
Permission acknowledgment

Please request worldwide English-language rights, for full-color print with a print-run of fewer than 1,000.

Inquiries and submissions are welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Call with questions: 651.962.5337.

Articles can also be mailed to:

Attn: Kimberly Vrudny | ARTS
University of St. Thomas
Mail # JRC 153
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105