Michael Torevell

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The Empty Tomb
Holy Family
Joy to the world
Light of Bethlehem
My Soul Magnifies the Lord

Michael Torevell has been drawing and painting since early childhood, through his education and whilst working in my career in the National Health Service (NHS), in the UK. He has frequently exhibited and undertaken commissions from the time he studied at London University to the time he moved back to his home county of Lancashire, England in 1990, and through to the present day.

Following a career break in the mid-nineties to fully concentrate on my art work, Torevell retired from the NHS some years ago, and his time is now spent primarily with family, on his artwork, and undertaking volunteer work. Underpinning all this is his Roman Catholic faith.

Artist's Statement:

I have come to understand over the years, whilst growing stronger in my Christian faith, that the arts (and for me the visual arts in particular) are inspired by, and have an aesthetic and spiritual connection with, the Divine. In the eye of the beholder, works of art can reflect the beauty and wonder of God.

Pope John Paul II spoke of the intersection of art and religion in his Letter to Artists (1999), highlighting the importance to the artist of form, colour and design, sensing in them “some echo of the mystery of creation”. There are times when works of art produce glimpses of a creative spirit which has its origin in a transcendent creator. My aim is to produce artwork that can generate such glimpses, leaving the viewer with some sense of surprise and wonder.

Most recently, I am taking my inspiration from the renaissance period (Christian paintings, frescoes, altar panels). To me they have a transcendent, timeless quality and illuminate certain aspects of faith—beauty, humanity, mystery, light—that are communicated in a unique way through the visual art form. My current work comes out of a merging of styles and techniques from the renaissance and contemporary landscapes and portraiture.

My works mainly comprise figurative/ landscape paintings and drawings, in a range of media - oils, watercolour, and now more frequently digital media. Currently I am focussing on Christian art work for Christian educational and church settings, including Greeting Card designs for Christmas, Easter and Sacramental occasions.