Donald Richmond

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The Very Rev. Dr. Donald P. Richmond, a widely published author and monastic cartoonist, is an Oblate with the Order of Saint Benedict and the Reformed Episcopal Church.

The Very Rev. Dr. Donald P. Richmond, a Priest-Oblate with the Reformed Episcopal Church and Order of Saint Benedict, is a graduate of several colleges and seminaries as well as the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies and the Maryvale Ecclesiastical Institute. Having trained in Byzantine Iconography, Father Richmond has a keen interest in the intersection of Theology & Liturgical Arts. A widely published author, Father Richmond has published extensively on the Ancient Future Faith Network (and elsewhere, also) under either "The Abbey" or "The Inner Monk." Of note most recently is Father Richmond's article on the New Monasticism, "Under Authority: The Challenge of Evangelical Monasticism." The series of sketches seen on this SARTS page is entitled "The Art of Lectio."