Anne Cameron Cutri

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Yaweh El Shaddaibetter copy 800x769
1 day of creation 800x792
annunciationlarger 596x800
birth 591x800
empt tomb 800x637
PropheticMS 38 800x633
sea of the soul 733x800
you were a child once 639x800

Anne Cameron Cutri is a Pennsylvania-based artist.

Anne Cameron Cutri

Biography: Anne Cutri has been pursuing her artistic endeavors for about thirty years. Her work has always explored the inner landscape and the unseen. Mysticism a key component and of late, prophecy, which orchestrates the symbolic and energetic interpretation of her intimate relationship to the Sacred Trinity and biblical teachings. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas, often mixing with other mediums such as collage. Cutri has shown her work from Boston to Houston and points in between, and is mostly self-taught. She is a member of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) and founded United Christian Artists Revolving Exhibitions (UCARE), as well as Artists Who Evangelize (AWE), which also stands for Art Worship Encounter, an arts ministry which she co-founded at her church in Erie, PA. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Art Therapy, and is set to graduate in the spring of 2014 from St. Mary of the Woods.

Her research in art therapy, and interest in theological and spiritual principles, continues to intersect. Carl Jung, having been raised in a Christian household, was ahead of his time. His search for the living God, and whose influence includes Emanuel Swedenborg and other deep thinking Christian mystics, shaped his psychological theories. Jung believed the lack of connection and resolution to their religion was the root to the problems of all patients over thirty-five years of age. Jung was also closely identified with the arts as a tool to individuation. With that in mind and the belief in the Holy Spirit to guide and heal, Cutri is on a path to help herself and others discover the true self that God ordained, within.

Artist Statement: Art has the power to heal and transform. It can speak of things yet to come and things that come from within. Align yourself with the Holy Spirit, and you have a great adventure. My work is intuitive and attempts to go beyond traditional interpretations of the Bible. To listen, hear, and see the Holy Spirit through scripture and interpret its essence, not illustrate the words. There are so many mysteries that may unfold as one paints. Very often I do not know the full meaning of what I paint. If I have an inkling or a certainty as to what is before me, though I may or may not be able to articulate its meaning. Often I seek guidance through prayer and scripture, to understand more deeply what is unfolding. The beauty of visual art, is if you create a living work endowed with the Holy Spirit, it should speak to the viewer in their own particular language. In other words, art has the power to carry with it a universal wisdom, and carry a life of its own. If that is accomplished, you have done your duty as an artist. Since I have attempted to give myself over to God completely, my work is beginning to change. I pray I am able to do what I’m purposed to do through Him. In December 2014 she relesed a collection of her paitnings and psalms titled: "Rich in Spirit: Self Discovery through Creative Expression in Worship and Prayer" now available here You may also see here portfolio and purchase prints here and purchase some originals here and here