Deborah Sokolove

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Deborah Sokolove is the Director of the Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion at Wesley Theological Seminary, where she also teaches courses in art and worship.

She holds an M.F.A. in Visual Art from California State University at Los Angeles, an M.T.S. from Wesley Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Liturgical Studies from Drew University. Before coming to Wesley as Artist-in-Residence in 1994, she taught art, design, and computer imaging at the university level. Her book, Sanctifying Art: Inviting Conversation Between Artists, Theologians, and the Church, was published by Wipf & Stock/Cascade Books (2013). In recent years, she has been a regular contributor to journals such as ARTS, Lectionary Homiletics, and Call to Worship, and her essays have appeared in several books on religion and the arts. Her work has been shown locally and nationally, and is represented in numerous collections.