ARTS Vol. 25, No. 3—Released July 15th

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This issue balances traditional scholarship with prophetic attention to justice in face of the world’s need. After announcing Frank Burch Brown’s appointment as visiting professor of art and religion at the Center for the Arts, Religion, and Education in Berkeley, and later catching up with that Center’s work, along with the work of the Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion at Wesley (and thereby continuing this journal’s dedication to tracking developments in the emerging field of theology and the arts), we open with an excellent piece that demonstrates interdisciplinary scholarship at its best. Andrea M. Sheaffer, who is trained in both biblical criticism and art history, examines the story of David as an archetype after which, she argues, the story of Judith is crafted. Next, Ginger Geyer, with her typical humor and grace, takes readers into the mind of a modern-day sculptor experiencing a paradoxical arts residency in Rome. Dean Seal highlights his ministry through Spirit in the House, Inc., and its Forgiveness 360 project, where the meaning of forgiveness is explored through drama and storytelling. In a similar vein, for his second “in the gallery” contribution, John Shorb interviews installation artist Mandy Cano Villalobos, whose work is calling attention to the murders that are occurring in Juarez, Mexico. We are also lifting up newly released books in the field of theology, religion, and the arts—and with his notes, book review editor Mark McInroy rounds out the issue.

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