ARTS Vol. 28, No. 1

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ARTS volume 28, number 1

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In this issue, we are introducing a new portfolio section with Cory Dugan’s Gospel series entitled “Hapax Legomena,” a Greek phrase referring to words that appear only once in a text. Poetry editor Mark Burrows curates four poems by Barbara Crooker, Philip C. Kolin, Susan Miller, and Suzanne Underwood Rhodes. Randall Lindstrom provides a tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Patrick Negri, an Australian priest and artist who was a longtime friend of this journal. Mark Burrows’ article, “Seeing Through Words,” which is on poetry as a visual art, also appears in this issue. Matthew Plescher’s work is featured in our “in the studio” section, and Tonia Colleen Martin is “at the drafting desk,” exploring writing as an act of incarnation in a more experimental way. John Shorb interviews Meg Hitchcock, whose work is featured on the cover of this issue; Wilson Yates reviews a title by Aaron Rosen; and Mark McInroy wraps up the issue with notes on three recently released titles in theology and the arts.

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